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So, what else has been happening in the news this week?


  • You can teach this dog new tricks! Watch the amazing video of Norman CYCLING round the block on his bike

    Norman the very smart Briard dog doesn't need to go and chase down sticks in the park to keep fit - he just rides his bike instead.

    Take a look here

  • The amphibious sports car which can hit 125mph on land - and 60mph on the HIGH SEAS

    A car enthusiast has completed his six-year project to turn his dream sports car into a 60mph sea-worth vehicle.
    The Sea Lion, as inventor Marc Witt calls it, is a completely bespoke car that can do 125mph on the roads - and then fly down the pier into the water and keep up a respectable speed as it sails past the yachts and boats.
    And this car could be yours today, as Marc is now ready to cast the car-boat hybrid adrift, putting it up for sale for $259,500.

    Take a look here


  • A man who found a cockroach in his Macdonald’s meal

    I’m pretty sure the insect wasn’t supposed to be there!

    Take a look here

  • A lorry driver carrying tonnes of scrap metal, after he crashed the lorry and spilled the contents onto a busy motorway. Miraculously nobody was hurt!

    See the pictures and read the story here :


“You can’t build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” – Henry Ford


  • All the platinum ever mined would fit into an average-sized living room!
  • Almonds are a member of the peach family
  • Almost all varieties of breakfast are made of grass
  • America once issued a 5-cent bill (note)!

OK, enough of the news. How did you get on with your homework last week?


A bar of soap, a pair of shoes, a box of matches, a pound of potatoes, a roll of film, an ounce of tobacco, a yard of cloth, a pint of milk,  an acre of land, a bottle of wine, a gallon of petrol, a bunch of flowers, a tin of sardines, a tube of toothpaste, a packet of cigarettes, a jar of jam


Please look after your money or you’ll LOSE it.

That screw is a bit tight. Can you please LOOSEN it?

The opposite of “to find” is “to LOSE”.

I tied Olga’s dog to the tree but it got LOOSE and ran away.


Paul thinks she’s beautiful but I don’t AGREE with him.

This machine does not ACCEPT damaged coins

They will only AGREE to do the job if you pay them first.

Paul finds it difficult to ACCEPT that his wife is dead.


Ten years ago John had nothing; NOW he is a millionaire.

I’ve lost contact with Anne. I don’t know where she is NOW.

Is that ring ACTUALLY made of gold?

Tell me the truth, Olga. What ACTUALLY happened?


The punishment had no EFFECT on Carlos. As soon as he left prison he began to steal again.

The new taxes will AFFECT the rich;  they will have to pay more.

The higher bus fares will not AFFECT me. I have a car.

The medicine had an immediate EFFECT. I felt better almost at once.


The police were unable to CONTROL the football fans who ran onto the pitch.

An inspector came along the train to CHECK all the tickets

Xavier is really a wild boy. His parents can’t CONTROL him.

Olga, I advise you to CHECK all your answers before you send me your homework.


You look terrible, Olga. I ADVISE you to see a doctor.

Susan never listened to her father’s ADVICE.

Olga, I’m very grateful to you for your ADVICE.

I am sorry Olga, I really do not know what to ADVISE.

And the answer to last week’s riddle.

Rather empty, views are clear,
Some say it’s the final frontier.
Watched through time by little men,
Who go and now come back again.

The answer is SPACE

And now this week’s homework:


Shortened words

1) Give the short forms of the following words:
Example – Refrigerator – answer is FRIDGE

  1. Photograph
  2. Telephone
  3. Popular (music)
  4. Mackintosh
  5. Aeroplane
  6. Public House
  7. Motor-cycle
  8. Motor-car
  9. Zoological gardens
  10. Gymnasium
  11. Taxi-cab
  12. Examination
  13. Newspaper
  14. Bicycle
  15. Veterinary surgeon
  16. Hippopotamus
  17. Kilogram
  18. Facsimile transmission

2) Give the long form of the following words:

Example – Hankie – answer is HANDKERCHIEF

  1. Ad, advert
  2. Lab
  3. (women’s) lib
  4. Nightie
  5. Mike
  6. Doc
  7. (women’s) lib
  8. Nightie
  9. Mike
  10. Champ (sport)
  11. Demo
  12. Specs
  13. Pro (sport)


Because it is the time of the Olympics, now a test of your sporting vocabulary

Complete the following by adding a word or phrase.

There’s a big new sports centre near my home. There are football ???????, tennis and basketball ????????, swimming ????????, a sports hall with two boxing ???????? and even a skating ???????.

There is also a separate athletics?????? where 20000 ?????? can watch the  ???????? on the track and the ??????, such as jumping and throwing, in the grass centre.

The ??????? get ready in modern changing rooms and the ??????? time and measure the events with modern equipment. A huge electronic ???????? shows the results.

And the riddle for this week continues the sporting theme:

When baseball players
Hit the ball.
It’s “down tools brothers”
One and all.

Have a good week and until next Friday when I will write again with more news and homework

Best wishes


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