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This week we’ve been asking our Facebook members what their happiest memory was of being in Plymouth - we’ve had some lovely responses. Have a look here:

So, let’s take a look at some of the more bizarre things that have been happening in the news this week:


  • Fans of recycling, as a new building has been unveiled made entirely from beer bottles.
    See it here:

  • A 101-year-old Chinese woman, after she was put in a coffin by her daughters following a collapse, only to wake up during her own wake!
    Read the astonishing story here:


  • A British ‘hoarder’ who was trapped under a pile of his own belongings for over 30 hours before being rescued.
    Read the story here:

  • An American prisoner who escaped from jail, only to be apprehended again when he was discovered sipping a drink at his favourite local bar.
    Read the story here:


"A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man." - Lana Turner


  • The 10,000 trillion ants in the world weigh about the same as all the human beings
  • Biologists cannot agree on definitions for the words ‘species’, ‘organism’, or ‘life’
  • Psychologists cannot agree on what ‘personality’ means
  • Lichtenstein, the world’s 6th-smallest country, is the world’s largest exporter of false teeth


This week we have a stunning gallery of sharks and dolphins in action as they prey on a shoal of mackerel. See it here:


OK, enough of the news. How did you find last week's homework about "Driving Idioms"? Well, here are the answers:

PART A - Literal meanings

1) When you pass another car (going in the same direction) you OVERTAKE it.
2) You STEER the car with the steering-wheel.
3) If you drive down a road and the road stops suddenly, it is a DEAD-END.
4) You change GEAR by first depressing the clutch pedal.
5) Motorways usually have three LANES.
6) A COLLISION involves two or more vehicles.
7) A CRASH usually involves more than one vehicle, but not necessarily.
8) Nobody likes a BACKSEAT driver!
9) A curve in a road is called a BEND.
10) When you come to a CROSSROADS you have to decide which direction to go in.


1) Bill used to be the boss, but his son is IN THE DRIVING SEAT (b - in control ) now.
2) Italy has OVERTAKEN (g - replace) France as the number two holiday destination in Europe.
3) Olga, this new computer is DRIVING ME MAD ! (e - make someone angry)
4) Last year was very difficult but I think the company has TURNED THE CORNER (c - change for the better now).
5) Come on, Olga, STEP ON IT ! (j - hurry ) We're going to be late!
6) I wonder if you could help me, Olga? We're IN A BIT OF A JAM (f - have a serious problem)
7) I wish I could leave. This is a DEAD-END JOB (h - have no future)
8) I would STEER CLEAR (a - keep away from) of Diana today, if I were you. She's in a terrible mood.
9) The Lions rugby team wasn't too bad in the first half, but 10 minutes into the second half they seemed to GO UP A GEAR. (i- increase your effort) They won 25 nil!
10) Come on! It's time to HIT THE ROAD (d - leave), Olga.

And the riddle:

Set beside your head,
In the cold it can get red.
Mine are normally pale,
On an elephant, a sail.

The answer is EAR!

And now for your homework this week. This week's homework is called "Eating Idioms".


Match the following idioms with their meanings:

1. It's not my taste
2. I had to eat my words
3. I've had my fill
4. That didn't go down well
5. I bit his head off
6. I made a meal of it
7. I could eat a horse
8. I've got a sweet tooth

a) I am extremely hungry
b) I don't like it
c) It wasn't popular
d) I was proved to be wrong
e) I spoke sharply to him
f) I don't want any more
g) I love chocolate and other sweets
h) I took too long to do it


Use the following idiomatic expressions to complete the dialogues below:

a) left a bad taste in my mouth
b) bit my head off
c) digest
d) have your cake and eat it
e) swallow your pride
f) something to get my teeth into
g) a second bite of the cherry
h) bite off more than you can chew

1. Paul: I can't afford the rent on my flat. My parents have said I can go back and live with them but I'd feel such a failure.
Olga: I think you'll just have to ??????? and accept their help.

2. Paul: Keep away from Rachel this morning. She's in a bad mood.
Olga: I know. She ?????? for no reason when I arrived.

3. Paul: So, Tom apologised for what he'd said to you?
Olga: Yes, but the whole experience has ?????? .

4. Paul: I thought you liked your job? Why do you want a change?
Olga: I need a fresh challenge - ??????.

5. Paul: I'm going to try to fix the car myself.
Olga: Well, if it's difficult, don't do it. Don't ???????.

6. Paul: So, what do you think about the new budget proposals?
Olga: I haven't really had time to ?????? all the details yet.

7. Paul: I feel like taking a few days off work, but I really need the money.
Olga: The problem with you is you always want to ??????.

8. Paul: I've failed my university exam. I'm not sure if I can re-take it?
Olga: I think you can. I think you're allowed ??????.


Choose the correct word in the sentences below:

1. I bit off more than I could SWALLOW / CHEW
2. You can't have a second BITE / CHEW at the cherry
3. He had to EAT / SWALLOW his words.
4. BITE / SWALLOW your pride and say you'll accept.
5. I need something to get my TEETH / TOOTH into.
6. It left a bad SMELL / TASTE in my mouth.
7. I said sorry but Olga just BIT / CHEWED my head off.
8. My idea didn't go UP / DOWN very well.

Any finally a riddle for you to solve:

A sealed glass box containing 500,000 American one-dollar bills was a popular attraction at the world's exhibition. This was a fundraiser where people could buy a ticket to guess how many bills were in the box. At the end of the exhibition, the seal was broken and the bills counted. Only $470,000 was counted. Mr. Cancun was responsible for enclosing the money. When questioned by Detective Jones, Mr. Cancun said that he personally counted each bill by hand. "To be sure," he added, "I counted them twice by hand during the two days before the box was sealed. I could have been out by 80 or 90 dollars, but not 30,000!" he protested. Detective Jones knows that Cancun is lying. How can he be so sure?

Have a good week and we will write again next Friday.

All the best
Paul & Jill

Paul Stevens - Director (based in San Diego, USA)
Jill Tyler - General Manager (based in Plymouth, UK)

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